sceye Protection


3 Years of Safety for your sceye.

Do you travel a lot and always have your sceye with you? 

Are you worried that your sceye could be damaged in some way?

sceye-Protection solves this problem. Your sceye is protected against all possible (even self caused) damages. The only exclusion is the loss of the sceye.

This is how it works: If you purchase a sceye in our online shop, select the 3 Year Warranty available as an additional option. You can even buy this option up to 6 months after the date of purchase.


Insurance Conditions

  • §1 - Begin of Insurance and Duration: The insurance starts with the payment of the purchase price, respectively with the invoice date of the insured sceye and has a validity of 3 years from the beginning of insurance. If you buy this option afterwards the insurance time is not extended. You can find exact information about the start and end date of the insurance under device information on this website.
  • §2 - Basis for insurance: The benefits of sceye-Protection are bound to one device and it's unique serial number and will be transferred with the device in the case of a sale.
  • §3 - Insurance: Should the device be damaged by the insurant or in some other way, the Silvercreations AG will provide the insurant with a functional device either by repair or replacement. In this case, the damage has to be reported within one week as described below.
  • Deliberate damage of the insured device is hereof explicitely excluded.
  • An overinsurance is excluded - damages caused by third parties or damages due to excess voltage have to be covered primarily by the respective insurer (liability or household effects insurance).
  • Loss and theft are also excluded - to claim fully comprehensive insurance services, the device covered by this contract has to be left to the SilverCreations AG for damage examination.
  • §4 - Warranty Extension: In the context of this contract the legal producer warranty is extended to the complete insurance term. All damages caused by the producer which limit the usability are covered with this.
  • §5 - The protection in principle is valid world wide. The customer is responsible for shipping the goods to Silvercreations and carefully completing the correct customs declaration. In doing this - additional costs to Silvercreations are prevented. In the case of a hardware exchange the rest of the warranty time is transfered to the new device with the new serial number. An exchange or delivery can also be done by one of the partners of Silvercreations.
  • §6 - In the case of a warranty handling, all shipment and packaging costs for the shipment from Silvercreations to the customer as well as all repair and material costs are covered by SilverCreations AG. Shipment costs related with the transport from the customer to Silvercreations or one of its partners are covered by the customer.
  • §7 - Insurance Term: A maximum limit of Three accidental damage cases are covered within the insurance term. With settlement of the third damage case the claims for further fully comprehensive insurance expire - the general warranty is not affected by this.
  • §8: Any Requests for different arrangements regarding the insurance agreement must be done in written form.
  • This contract is subject to the law of the Federal Republic of Germany. Alongside the legal terms, the general terms and conditions (GTC) of Silver Creations Software AG are also valid.


Handling procedure in the case of damage.

  • Contact us to arrange a replacement or repair date for your defective device.
  • Please describe the problem and how it has occured, so that we can process your case as fast as possible.
  • For our contact information please see the legal information on our website.