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sceyeX A3 flash

sceyeX A3 flash
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sceyeX A3 (10 Megapixel) - 6th Generation

>> A professional large format document scanner with a 10 megapixel optical resolution. Suited for an automatic capturing of fuel recipts up to A3 sized documents.

With the large scanning area of the A3 format, sceyeX A3 flexibly scans every format within one second - from small notices up to A3 forms - in the process removing each unnecessary border automatically and rotating the document straight. Scanned documents are saved as PDFplus if desired - including OCR text - completely automatically.

Along side the possibilities of the Basis Software Package

  • Save scans as JPEG, TIF and PDF
  • Creation of multi-paged documents
  • Save and manage documents in the file system
  • Direct sending of scans by Email
  • Direct output to printer/fax*
  • TWAIN support

is the Pro- Software Package, which also offers an extended array of features. With the Autoscan feature, scanning without the touch of a button becomes possible. Moreover when the program is started, the document is simply placed in the laser outline - sceye Autoscan triggers a snapshot by itself, straightens the document and crops it accordingly. Whole piles of any documents consisting of single or multipage items can be processed fully automatically - neither operation of the keyboard or mouse is necessary. Saving follows in PDFplus format at will. PDFplus files consist of the image data as well as the full text information of the document (OCR text). Perfect for a simple search by text content through Windows Search or Spotlight (Mac). The Bookmode which was developed for sceyeX A3 captures both pages of a book in one scan, retouches out undesired fingers automatically from each image to ensure an optimal scan result.

With the Pro- Software Package the following tasks are additionally possible:

  • Save scans as PDFplus with full text OCR
  • Fully automatic processing of document piles incl. automatic saving
  • A3 - Bookmode

*An installed fax driver is required.

Resolution 10 Megapixel
Scan modes Colour, Greyscale, Black&White
DPI 100, 200, 300
Capture size A3 - 320mm x 435mm
Capture orientation Landcape
Basic features
Operating system WinXP SP3, Vista (32/64), Win7(32/64), Win8(32/64), Win10 (32/64), Mac OSX 10.6.x or higher
Filetypes Tif, PDF, Jpg
Multipage support yes - create multipage files as TIF or PDFs
Filesystem Store and manage your scans in your filesystem
Automatic Functions Autobrightness, Automatic page-detection, Autorotate, Autocrop, Automatic white-calibration
Processing speed Scantime: 1 second - image enhancement: 1-2 seconds
Instant email +
Instant print +
SDK available
Scope of supply and services
Twain driver (PC)
sceye-Docs&Pages (PC)
sceye-RACE (PC)
sceye-Workbench (Mac)
sceye-Sphere (PC)
Autoscan included
PDFplus included
Warranty 24 month
sceye-Protection 3 years full protection - optional
Scope of supply sceye / Carry Bag / Scanpad / USB-Cable / Driver-CD / sceye-heightening / ext. power supply(5V)
WTS Support +
Device attributes
Connectors USB 2.0 high speed
Laser Projection yes - Laserclass 1
Build-in light yes - USB-powered / flash - ext. 5V powered
Status-LED Red=Error - Blue-white=Ready - Colorchanging=Standby
Firmware Upgradable firmware via USB 2.0
Power consumption 5V by USB 500 mA (2,5 Watt) for scanning 120mA (0,6 Watt) during Sleep-Mode | 5V by ext. power 2500 mA (12,5 Watt) for scaning 1 sec(flash)
Weight of sceye 892g
Dimensions 45cm - 35cm - 10cm (opened)
Footprint 12cm - 10cm
Noise level 0 db
Service interval Maintenance free
product packaging white paperbox - 44 x 23 x 7.5 cm - 1.7kg
shipping package shipping box (brown) - 50 x 48 x 29 cm - 4.5kg