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sceye-Workbench 1.9.7

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Please use the download link below to install the latest sceye software for MAC


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10.12 - Sierra

10.11 - El Capitan

10.10 Yosemite





For older Mac OS X



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10.7 - Lion

10.6 - Snow Leopard




Hints to Mac OSX 10.14 Mojave - 64 Bit


  • Changelog

    Since Version 1.9.4:

    Changed: Optimized resource consumption in idle mode. cpu utilization in idle less then 5%.

    laser projection turns of in idle mode (optional).

    BugFix: fixed problem with automatic crop / trapezoid corretion.

    Since Version 1.9.2:

    BugFix: no scan sound

    BugFix: Autowhitebalance

    Since Version 1.8.1:

    Bugfix: Wrong Menu Item Text

    Since Version

    - Bugfix: Usb Problem indroduced with Mac OS X El Capitan

    - Bugfix: A3 Buttons for A3-Modes not visible

    - Bugfix: Licence Manager not visible on Mac OS X El Capitan

    Since Version 1.8.0:

    - Bugfix: Bookmode could not be activated.

    Since Version 1.7.2:

    - Change: New Filter Types:

    • Textfilter(fast)
    • Graphic + Textfilter

    - Change: Licences are now saved for every camera, so you don't have to acquire them when you switch cameras.

    - Change: You can now download correction data for your camera if available.(LicenceManager)

    - Bugfix: Crash that could occour in some cases.

    Since Version 1.7.1:

    -Change: The following options are now saved after closing the App:

    • Type of Autocrop (Default/Intelligent)
    • PdfType on SaveAs (PDF/PDFplus)

    - Bugfix: Crash during Sleep of Application(Only Previews taken).

    Since Version 1.7.0:

    - Bugfix: Problem with AutoColorcorrection

  • FAQs - Installation

    Download and open the SceyeWorkbench.dmg file. With a simple drag-and-drop SceyeWorkbench will be installed in your applications folder.


    First Start
    During your first start of sceye-Workbench you might get a warning that the application is loaded from the Internet. Usually it's enough to confirm this by pressing the Open button.


    Activation on a restrictive Mac
    In some cases - depending on your security settings - Apple demands a special way to activate the application. In this case please open the finder and change to your application folder. Open the context menu of sceye-Workbench with a right click and click on Open while holding down the ALT-Key.