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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thank you for your interest in our online site. The protectection of your personal information is very important to us. Please read the following about the protection of your data. 

Usually personal information is not required for the general use of this website. However, in order to provide the requred services to you regarding our products some personal information is required. This is used to send you relevent information and ordering products from us and the response to induvidual inquiries. 

When you instruct us to deliver services or make a delivery, we maintain and save your personal data to the extent that it is only used for the purpose of providing these services or if it is essential to the completion of a contract. Therefore it may be required that your personal information is passed on and used by other companies to fulfill these services. These are for example transport companies or other service providers. Please note, that any personal information that you give in publicly accessible sections such as guest books for example, can be seen and used by other users.  

If you have registered for our newsletter with your Email address, we will use your Email address to also inform you about our products until you cancel your registration. 

We take note of the specific purpose data usage guidelines, process and save your personal data information only for the purposes for which you have given it to us. The passing on of your personal information to third parties will not be done, without your express permission, so long as this is not essential to the accomplishment of services or contracts. Also the conveyance to justifiable state institutions and authorities follows only with regard to fulfillment of legal obligations. All care is taken in the protection of your privacy and your information is stored by us securely with the most up-to-date technology against viruses and other threats. In the very unlikely event that information is lost or stolen by deliberate outside influences, SilverCreations cannon be held liable.