Within the tough environment of goods receiving, Bosch sets on sceye for capturing documents fast and maintenance free.


In modern working environments that deal with transportation of goods and incoming orders, sceye proves to be the perfect option for scanning customer letters, invoices and warranty descriptions due to its touchless, fast and maintenance free operation.

Beside this sceye is also integrated into several business processes and systems thanks to it's flexibility.

* A direct integration into the internal SAP System allows to scan and archive customer documents.  
Within a webbased process to handle repair orders, sceye was build in right into the webbrowser.

Build into a WTS-application, a new scan is driven from the server-side while the client-side operates directly with a lokal connected sceye. 



Examples of the integrations:

img1 bosch sap sceye

sceye integrated in SAP


Bosch Browser sceye

sceye integrated in a Web-application 




We are proud to see that Bosch is using several options of our SDK to integrate sceye deeply into their internal business processes.