ESO Electronic



ESO Electronic is using sceye for the documentation process of electronical components like resistors, diodes, ICs, and more.

Another example for a perfect process integration and another example for the flexibility of sceye.





In the world of high integrated electonic components, curcuit boards are armed with hundreds of small elements like resistors, diodes, ICS, sensors and more.

To achieve a complete documentation it becomes necessary to store any information about any component. This allows to manage a clear and precise error handling in case that a production batch indicates a problem.

The solution with sceye:

While booking new electronic components into the storehouse the role or package is captured including all details. That's it.


The process:

    • sceye recognize itself as soon as a new object is placed into the scanning area,
    • sceye captures automatically the object,
    • the context of the object will be determined by a database access and
    • the picture will be stored related to the current dataset. 
    • All this without pressing a single button.

This process is not only fast and simple - it's also error free as the informations don't need to be typed in manually. In case of a need all important informations are available on the tip of your finger.



 customized by silvercreations

A solution
- customized to the internal processes of the company ESO Electronic -
designed and realized directly by the team behind sceye.