Turbomed and sceye - partners from the very beginning...

Doctor's reports, laboratory results, prescriptions, transfers - one is constantly confronted with paper in a medical practice and the pages are moslty stapled or have a special format. This is the ideal envoronment for sceye, as flexibility and speed reach their full effect.

Also benficial: Linking between almost every application is possible through the Twain-driver, which comes as part of the product. Basically from the start it has been exactly this which is used by doctors, of whom manage and organise their practices with Turbomed. Therefore the partnership between sceye and Turbomed can be traced back to 2006.

Since scanning within a practice's software additionally takes place in the context of a patient, sceye can display it's biggest advantage: The reaction speed. It's not so much about the document efficiency per minute, rather how fast and simply you can scan 3 documents to a patient's folder.