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The Professional Solution

apartment.03Our sceyeX models are highly automated to save you time.

The professional sceyeX-A4/A3 models are our most popular and offer optimal quality and maximal automisation. Expanding on the abilities & possibilities of the sceyeS model, these models are offered with some considerable enhancements for professional application.

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The 10 Megapixel high resolution of the sceyeX models produces scans with true detail, even with small fonts. At the same time the best of every document is automatically captured through the intelligent filter and image-optimisation process. This is a particular strength of our technology. Like the sceyeS model, the corners of the document are recognised, allowing the document to be automatically rotated and cropped. No more manual post-editing!



Modes redblankAutomation

Full batch scans are usually only done with ADF scanners. sceye achieves this even with crumpled or stapled pages, alternating formats from small fuel receipts up to A4 sized documents (or up to A3 with sceyeX-A3) . This is done extremely fast & completely automatically with sceye Autoscan

sceye Autoscan recognises any new documents layed into the scanning area, (indicated by a projected laser border) and triggeres a scan autonomously, rotates the document straight & crops it to the correct size. Lay it down, take it away - done.







A special highlight of the professional solution is PDFplus. Alongside TIF and normal PDF, PDFplus is also available when exporting. During the export, the full text of the scanned pages is also retrieved through Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and imbedded into every PDF. This is perfect for future full-text searches in Window's search or Mac Spotlight. The OCR is deeply integrated into the processing and runs discreetly in the background. New documents can even be scanned during this.

(Supported OCR languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finish, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Norwegian)




Straighforward & simple. With full use of the 10 Megapixel resolution and specially tailored image optimisation, the new sceyeX A3 makes scanning books, construction and building plans, maps, newspaper articles and other documents up to A3 size effortless - all despite the small space requirement of a coffee cup. 






faster redblankFast, faster, sceye

A3 scan in 1 second - cosmical!

Regardless of document size, capturing is already complete after one second and you can continue to the next page. This also applies when scanning from a folder, even if the folder is quite full. The sceyeX A3 has a tolerance area of 12 cm compared to the sceyeX with 2 cm. This allows direct scanning from A4 folders, even if they are quite thick.





a4-a3 comparisonHorizontal instead of vertical

Unlike the A4 sceye models, the sceyeX A3 scans horizontally. Like usual, the patented laser projection of the scanning area is projected onto the table. Especially when scanning books, newspaper articles and double paged A4 forms, the advantages of this new orientation are overly apparent.


Couch redblankComfort as usual

All our comfort functions such as automatic scanning, cropping and straightening are also naturally available for our new sceyeX A3. Exportation to searchable PDFs (PDFplus) is also available alongside the popular sceye Autoscan features.  



Bookmodedemo red2Book Mode

This special mode is exclusively developed for sceyeX-A3 models and allows the capturing of 2 pages in one step. During the process, the individual left and right pages of the book are captured in one single shot and automatically saved as two separate pages. Double performance in the same amount of time. 

Furthermore, you can simply leave your fingers in the border area of the book to flatten the pages. They are simply removed like magic from the scanned pages. Being simple and fast in application, while also producing professional results is what distinguishes our sceyeX models.





Multiscan is another special mode which was developed for sceyeX-A3 models. It's purpose is to allow you to scan up to 30 smaller objects in one single shot, saving you time with all those small receipts and business cards. Any object with four corners can be used. Simply place the objects in the scan area and make a scan. All the objects are instantly cropped, straightened, sperarated and appear on screen.







The world wide standard for scanners is called TWAIN. Via TWAIN, sceye can be immediately integrated into any TWAIN compatible application. This way every archiving program, OCR and most branch solutions (medical practice software, book keeping software, chambers solutions ect.) can use the high speed of sceye and scan papers directly, without changing the software.


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