A1 Telekom Austria AG

logoA1 Die Versand-Dokumentation aller Einschreibesendungen erfolgt bei der A1 Telekom Austria einschließlich der dabei anfallenden Leitzettel automatisch durch sceye.


Creditreform-Oldenburg KG

The Creditreform Oldenburg Bolte KG has worked successfully with sceye since mid 2007 and processes around 2,000 pages per day. The ADF scanner has been gradually replaced with sceye and pages and receipts which are often stapled can now be captured fast and easily. Noteworthy is the maintenance free operation of sceye since its introduction in 2007!

Danish-Post A/S

The danish post has applied sceye in several stages of their quality assurance since late 2007. For more details see the section "Siemens".

ESO Electronic



ESO Electronic is using sceye for the documentation process of electronical components like resistors, diodes, ICs, and more.

Another example for a perfect process integration and another example for the flexibility of sceye.



Gama-System GmbH

As producer and provider of the Document Management System Gama System® eDocs and the archiving system Gama System® eArchive, the Gama System company relies on the simple and seamless integration of sceye for transferring paper documents into the world of electronic document handling.

Henrichsen AG

As an IT-service provider for individual and powerful solutions, Document Management Systems (DMSs) and Workflows, the Henrichsen AG offers their customers decisive improvements in productivity. Based on sceye, the Henrichsen AG provides numerous banks with customsied software solutions.


The image and Document Management System "MOVIESTAR" is used at medical practices for the organisation and administration of documents. The use of sceye has also been applied here since 2006 to digitise stapled pages and small notes - fast and easily.

Mindox GmbH

At Mindox, it's all about intelligent documents - this of course includes paper receipts that can easily be captured with sceye.

PMI-Software GmbH

As one of the largest Docuware partners, the PMI Software GmbH has extensive experience in the capturing, organising and operation of documents. The integration of sceye proves to be especially efficient and even supports scanning from out of a web browser in a Docuware environment.

Rapid-Data GmbH

Through the integration of sceye into PowerOrdo, all kinds of documents including certificates, transit receipts, digital images, calculation tables ect. can now be stored directly into a large container. The document camera sceye is the key to a paperless (or paper-saving) office.

System-Inka GmbH

SYSTEM INKA is a branch-orientated solution for carpenters and cabinetmakers in Germany. For document capturing, sceye is called into action - whether you are running a small or large company.


Dornstetten- uses sceye at the front desk to improve customer relations and productivity.

The Volksbank Dornstetten eG

As one of the first banks in Germany, the Volksbank in Dornstetten relies on sceye. To improve customer service and introduce paperless processes at the bank counter, the Volksbank Dornstetten eG introduced sceye at the advisory desks at their central and branch offices in 2006. The main focus is capturing any kinds of legitimation documents including ID cards, birth certificate, marriage certificates and so on.

Aspen-Software GmbH

AspenThe mercantile organisation solution for your company. True to the motto "No accounting without a receipt", Aspens scans each receipt via sceye right into the respective data record.




Within the tough environment of goods receiving, Bosch sets on sceye for capturing documents fast and maintenance free.

CSK-Software GmbH

sceye has exceeded even CSK Software GmbH's own expectations regarding sceyes capabilities and have recommended it for use with their document-management system HAPAK-Pro.

Data Corporation

D.A.T.A Corporation AUTOMED - transparent IT for Radiology. 

The D.A.T.A Corporation AUTOMED specialises in the development of top class solutions for radiology establishments. Our RIS, PACS & WEB Software, known as XR, is a tailored software solution to the special needs and demands of radiology practice operations. 


Elo has already certified sceye for use with the DMS-System ELO-professional since June 2006.


Fischer-Software GmbH

Outlook-Infodesk is an information, project and document management system based on Microsoft Outlook and uses sceye to capture paper documents.


The GDSK company has used sceye in their warehouse at Frankfurt airport Since May 2009 to capture import freight bills. The sceye solution provides good results even with bad or crinkled pages and satisfies with its fast and convenient handling.

lobodms GmbH

Fast, efficient and space-saving: Lobo-dms recommends sceye to their customers for high-quality scans at the workplace. For more information see GmbH

Don't tidy up - allocate! See how sceye also revolutionises working methods for "living documents".


Pitney-Bowes incorporates sceye for use in various projects because of it's priority on fast capturing.

Pitney-Bowes GmbH incorporates sceye for use in various projects. A main priority is incredibly fast capturing of documents and subsequent post-processing through the Pitney-Bowes systems.

Prisma GmbH

With the Kis-DMS-System you can manage and control your documents. As a process management system, documents are the basis for any process - and these are captured fast and comfortably with sceye.

Siemens AG

Siemens uses sceye for cost effective and fast digitisation. Read about it here.

In the realm of post automation, Siemens uses sceye in customer projects for cost-effective and fast digitisation. Captured images are post-processed with a special software of Siemens which analyses data and extracts information, such as barcode and address data.


Turbomed and sceye - partners from the very beginning...

Doctor's reports, laboratory results, prescriptions, transfers - one is constantly confronted with paper in a medical practice and the pages are moslty stapled or have a special format. This is the ideal envoronment for sceye, as flexibility and speed reach their full effect.