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What is sceye Sphere  ?

Sphere is our new document viewer for everybody & also the standard scanning application for all our sceye models. The design of Sphere focuses on what we consider the most important element of a document viewer - the view. That's why the overview is super clear and afforded the most space, so you can see your entire collection of documents easily and are never disconnected from it. Opening documents happens in the same window, beautifully presented in a Coverflow-like display.

Fast, powerful & simple - that's Sphere

Sphere on a Screen



Sphere is optimal for mouse and keyboard use - the most common input devices used on desktop computers. Knowing well that the future lies in touch devices, we built a bridge to the future; Sphere is just as fantastic for Windows touch devices and tablets as it is for normal computers. A document viewer for the present and future, that's something new! 


Navigations newNavigation

Navigation is not only smooth and clear with the large display of thumbnails for your entire collection of documents, it is also easy with the various ways of doing it. Use your arrow keys on the keyboard, simply click on document pages to open them or get a closer view, or even use the mouse scroll wheel to scroll or seamlessly zoom-in to any tiny detail. If you have a Windows tablet PC, intuitivly use your finger to swipe through pages of a document or pinch to zoom. There are endless ways to view and control your documents, and none of them needs a second thought.


EDIT new                              Editing

If cutting and pasting pages sounds ordinary to you, then why not try dragging and dropping? In sceye Sphere you can move pages easily not only to another position inside a document, but to completely other documents as well, just by holding and dragging, even if the other document is in a different format! Splitting and merging documents can be done with a click of a button or even by a shortcut on the keyboard. Watch the Sphere video to get a better idea of Spheres cool features!


camera newScanning

We want everyone to be able to use Sphere with their own devices, which is why you can connect any TWAIN scanner and use it to scan new documents into Sphere. However Sphere was designed to be a perfect counterpart to our sceye scanners. The amazing power of instant scans matches perfectly to the fast and intuitive viewing capabilities of Sphere and using a sceye with Sphere unlocks all the powerful tools available like Multiscan, Bookmode, Autoscan and much much more.



Have you ever tried to add a PDF file to a Tif file? Or maybe you want to insert a JPG-picture into a PDF-document? Which application offers such a feature?        Sphere does!

With Sphere different types of documents can be opened and the pages of the documents can be mixed and matched - no matter of the original filetype. And even more - the mixed documents can finally saved to one of the supported filetypes as one multipage document (PDF or Tif) or as a batch of single files (Jpg).

Sphere is even smart enough to consider the original filetype of each page to create the best possible result during export. This way - pages from a text-based PDFs stay in the original format while image-based PDFs or scanned images are processed through OCR. 

A new feedom and a powerfull tool - even for professionals.


Overview of features and Add-ons

Starting with a free Home-Edition for the personal use, sceye-Sphere offers
even more powerfull and professional features and Add-ons. 



Check our Overview-page to experience the full potential of Sphere.




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